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Dedicated to earning your trust each day

Student Data privacy is the first thing we think about, so you can help students learn in the classroom without worry.

There’s nothing more important to us than protecting Student Data. This mission guides all aspects of our product design, technology infrastructure, and daily operations. We’re very proud to help thousands of districts protect and secure their data, and we seek to re-earn their trust every day.

Trish Sparks

A clear commitment to data privacy

Clever gives educators transparency, visibility, and control over data sharing. Student data is used only for educational purposes at the direction of the district.

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Comprehensive security program

Clever products and infrastructure are designed, built, and tested to meet our high standards of security. We never stop improving and continuously evaluate ways to enhance our security practices to better protect our students, teachers, and staff. We partner with school districts to implement security practices designed to protect student information.

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Your partner in compliance

Clever is compliant with federal and state regulations designed to safeguard data. We work on compliance proactively to stay ahead of the curve, and we partner with our districts to support their compliance obligations.

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Transparent data collection and use practices

Clever is committed to transparency about our data privacy philosophy and practices. We seek input from our district and application partners so that we can constantly evolve our platform to align with their privacy needs.
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