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Rocket Math unlocks 500% increase in school connections

June 25, 2024 Emilie Murphy

Rocket Math, a leading math education platform, has experienced tremendous growth and success in schools thanks to its partnership with Clever. Since partnering with Clever they have expanded into 37 big districts and doubled their average contract length. Rocket Math’s tools have been shown to deliver 125% improvements in student math attainment, and they’re now able to deliver these results to thousands more students in collaboration with Clever. 

Challenge: Manual rostering led to data loss 

Before partnering with Clever, individual teachers were manually rostering Rocket Math for single classes. Preserving student accounts and historical data was near-impossible at semester rollover or with class changes. This prevented Rocket Math from signing contracts with large district customers and meant that many contracts churned after the first year.

While Clever represents a large upfront investment, it’s totally worth it to be able to unlock sales with big accounts requiring 8,000+ seats.

Dr. Don Crawford, CEO of Rocket Math

Solution: Delivering seamless rostering and single-sign on for schools 

In 2021, Rocket Math teamed up with Clever to streamline access to its online tutor app for schools across the country. Data sharing and roster updates are made overnight, and Clever’s single, secure login system allows teachers and students to seamlessly dive into Rocket Math’s dynamic learning environment. Troubleshooting logins and data sharing is much faster and straightforward for the Rocket Math team using Clever’s impersonation tools, and merging historical data when transitioning customers from manual to automated rostering is much faster.

Impact: Growth and engagement in schools

The collaboration between Rocket Math and Clever has had a profound impact on math education in schools. With over 500% growth in school connections, Rocket Math has unlocked contract with larger districts so that their math tools now reach hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students. Teachers have reported that Rocket Math, coupled with Clever’s accessibility, has significantly transformed their classrooms.

This partnership ensured that more students could benefit from Rocket Math’s engaging and effective educational tools by resolving challenges caused by preserving historical data, and secure access. With longer term contracts in place, and easy access to the platformRocket Math and Clever are inspiring a generation of confident and capable math learners, ensuring that quality math education is within reach for all students.

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