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U.K. School reclaims 30% of learning time with Clever GO

January 16, 2024 Candice Whitney

This U.K. school gained back 30% more learning time and went from 5% to 100% unit completion in just 3 months after implementing Clever GO to overcome login hurdles.


students and staff


minutes saved per class


completion of computing units

In September 2023, Steve Archer, the computing subject leader and member of the school leadership team (SLT) at New Longton All Saints’ Church of England Primary School (NLAS), noticed that students were spending up to 20 minutes of learning time by trying to remember their passwords and log into Chromebooks. After implementing Clever GO, students regained classroom time by quickly logging into their Chromebooks and popular learning applications using Clever Badges, a physical passcode similar to a QR code.

The challenge: Chromebook login struggles block learning

Students at NLAS faced a significant hurdle – in a 60-minute lesson, classes were losing up to 30%, up to 20 minutes, of learning time due to login delays. Password vulnerabilities, from looking over students’ shoulders to help them login to writing down passwords, led to only 5% completion of the computing course curriculum within the term. This led to a learning loss and gap, which would be passed on to teachers in the upcoming terms. Additionally, once Archer learned that teachers were so frustrated with Chromebook login issues they would avoid using them, he knew something had to be done to increase the usage of school-purchased devices.

The solution: Single sign-on into devices and applications with Clever GO

After learning about Clever GO from Simon Hunt, Archer knew he found a simple solution to solve his school’s login challenges. With Clever GO, students use single sign-on to access Chromebooks and learning applications in a single portal – no typing or having to navigate multiple websites. With the help of his school’s IT technician, they implemented Clever GO for Chromebooks in a day by determining which students would need access, uploading one file of five fields, and configuring Chromebook user settings.

After completing the setup, Archer was ready for classroom rollout. Archer identified year 1 and year 2 teacher champions who were most eager to try a new solution. This made it simple to train teachers on how students use Clever Badges, a physical passcode similar to a QR code, for lightning-fast logins into Chromebooks and digital learning applications through the Clever Portal. Archer’s strategy of working with teacher champions not only generated school-wide interest but also reclaimed valuable classroom time for the youngest students.

The impact: Regained learning time makes an impact in the classroom

Thanks to Archer introducing Clever GO into classrooms, students have a faster, more secure way to log in. Now that classrooms have saved an aggregate of 20 hours of learning time in just 3 months, they have been able to complete 100% of their computing curriculum within the term. NLAS has taken further steps to help strengthen his school’s technology program, including purchasing more Chromebooks, increasing usage of their technology in lessons, and starting the path to becoming a certified Google School. Teachers no longer have login issues and are eager to use technology in the classroom, thus helping the school get more return on investment on their Chromebook purchases. Archer also shared that with Clever GO, students have learned the benefits of SSO as a security best practice, through Badges and the Portal. Plus, students look forward to the Clever chime sound when they log in to their Chromebooks with Clever Badges!

Tips from NLAS Educators

“Within the first lesson, we modeled with each student how to log in with a Clever Badge. Then, in the next lesson, they could all log in and were all online within 5 minutes. Now, they just open the Chromebook, hold up the Badge, and they’re online. There’s no longer that dread of a half hour to log in.”

Ashleigh Hopkins
Year 1 Teacher, New Longton All Saints C of E Primary School, England

“Getting staff onboard first was key to our successful rollout. That helped to encourage teachers to be creative with how they wanted to implement Clever Badges in the classroom.”

Steve Archer
Computing Subject Lead, New Longton All Saints C of E Primary School, England

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