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Layered security and LMS interoperability advancements announced at Clever CIO event

November 29, 2023 Dan Carroll

This is a recap of our first fireside chat from the Elevating Edtech Series – special events for K-12 education technology leaders to help them plan, budget, and make decisions about educational technology.

Earlier this fall, we presented our vision for Clever school leaders. I sat down with our CEO, Trish Sparks, to chat about the challenges we’ve seen during the past few years and how we want to partner with you to solve them. 
Here’s a quick summary of how Clever is investing in layered security and interoperability to support K12 schools – watch our full fireside chat or chat with our district partnerships team to learn more. 

Book a conversation with a Clever specialist to discuss your cybersecurity goals.

Layered security for all users 

Clever's approach to layered security includes identity and access management. Our products include Clever directory, IDM, Rostering, SSO and MFA+.

We know from the Clever Cybersecure 2023 report that one in four schools reported a cyber attack in the last year. That’s why we want to help districts build a secure, modern and steadfast IT infrastructure. 

That starts with consolidating all users in a central unified repository – including classroom users (teachers and students), non-teaching staff, parents, and administration.

Clever is here to support you in building and managing your centralized directory. That way, the right people have access to the right tools at the right time. In 2024, expect expanded user management capabilities for our award-winning identity and access management tool, Clever IDM.

We’re also a proud signatory of CISA’s Secure by Design Pledge. Taking the pledge was a natural extension of our longstanding security posture, and we’re honored to continue supporting over 100,000 schools on their security journey.

Get ahead on cybersecurity planning: Review user management access points ahead of 2024. While automated user management might sound like a nice-to-have, it’s a critical aspect of reducing unauthorized access to critical student data. Talk to a specialist to learn how Clever can help. 

Securing student and teacher data in the digital classroom

Student accounts are also vulnerable to takeovers, both from fellow students & outside attackers. That’s why we want to help schools tackle security like a team sport – and that extends into our classrooms.

Our vision is that security for students doesn’t come at the expense of access or usability – and that will become a reality with the release of Classroom MFA in Spring 2024. We are also committed to building solutions that include adaptive MFA using school secure networks, and auditing tools to help identify suspicious logins.

Get early access to Clever’s Classroom MFA solution: We’re looking for schools to provide detailed feedback in the last stages of Classroom MFA development. Join our early-access group to influence the product direction.

Industry-leading LMS and application integrations

Clever LMS Connect sits between edtech applications and a school's SIS and LMS. Clever LMS Connect will include LTI SSO, Grade Sync, and Assignments.

When technology isn’t interoperable, it’s easy to see the effects: clunky experiences, data silos, frustrated users. District administrators, teachers, and edtech applications told us that connecting to learning management systems is critical to improving interoperability. That’s why we’re excited to announce Clever LMS Connect – an expansion of the Clever APIs to make it easy for all of your edtech tools to easily and deeply integrate with your LMS.

Get Clever support for your LMS connections: Sign up for the LMS Connect District Waitlist. Then, bring all of your applications into Clever for a secure, interoperable experience when applications start rolling out LMS Connect. 

Ready to learn more?

Reach out to our security specialists chart your layered security roadmap. 

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