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Clever Academy: New with admin checklist, LMS integration content, and more

June 27, 2022 Blair Mishleau

From a step-by-step guide for any district to successfully implement Clever to our new LMS and thought leadership modules—Clever Academy is refreshed and ready to support your community for Back to School 2022.

Clever Academy, our on-demand training platform, is ready to support you and your district this back to school season, with a more personalized experience and new course content! 

Flexible learning modules for admins, educators, and tech coaches at every level

No two learners are alike. Likewise, we’ve updated Clever Academy to better meet your personal needs as a Clever user! 

When you log in to Clever Academy, you’ll see three options: 

  1. Certifications: These are perfect for users who are just starting with Clever, or for anyone who wants to become a certified Clever Champion who knows how to get the most out of edtech!
  2. Quick start guides: If you’re in a hurry and need to get going with Clever features quickly, these guides are perfect for you.
  3. Product spotlights: Already know a bit about Clever, but want to dig further into a specific product? These spotlights are just for you!

New content to ensure a successful Clever rollout

Districts tell us they want an easy, clear guide to rollout Clever for their entire district. With your feedback in mind, we’ve added oodles of new, relevant content for any school district to benefit from.

Admin checklist 2022-23: Whether you’re new to Clever or rolling out the portal again for Back to School 2022, this checklist will ensure a successful implementation. Use this checklist if you’re a new district, a new District Admin in an existing district, or simply want to ensure you’re getting the most out of Clever! This is only accessible to district admin in Clever.

Using Clever with your Learning Management System: Clever and your LMS should be best friends! This Quick Start Guide walks through how our most successful districts use Clever with their LMS to simplify edtech, provide a fallback option for tech outages, and more. This is only accessible to district admin in Clever.

New product spotlights: We’ve added Product Spotlights on Clever Library, Clever App Store, the Troubleshoot Sharing Tool, and more! These bite-size lessons offer clickable tutorials to learn about Clever products.

New for admins: Community conversations about the future of learning

How are K12 leaders across the country approaching the ever-changing challenges in providing equitable digital learning opportunities? In our Community Conversations Catalog, hear from district executives, industry leaders, and education visionaries on the following topics:

  • Strategies for edtech procurement
  • Edtech trends district leaders can plan for
  • Strategies for achieving digital equity and inclusion
  • Keeping student data secure
  • The future of personalized learning, with a keynote from Sal Khan
  • Fostering parent engagement in your district
Screenshot of Clever Academy module about Data Privacy in the Post-Pandemic Era

These modules are only accessible to district admin in Clever.

As always, Clever Academy content is available 24/7, and will auto-save your progress, so you can complete content when it makes sense for you. 

Whether you’ve already dug into Clever Academy or you’re just getting going, we’ve saved a seat for you this BTS! Dig in today at!

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