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8 Netflix-app pairings for your winter break

December 18, 2018 Natasha Husein

This winter break, we encourage you to relax and spend some time binge-watching Netflix before heading back to second semester (and also make sure to make human contact with your friends and family). Here are our suggestions for what to watch, and the corresponding apps you can get for free in the Clever Library while you’re at it.

Because nothing goes better together.

1. The Magic School Bus and Freckle 

Nothing screams nostalgia like binge-watching TV shows from the 80s and 90s. Take a ride on the magic school bus with Miss Frizzle and her students and see what adventures they get into as they actually learn important lessons.


Every classroom is made up of unique students who are all at different levels. Freckle’s Differentiation Platform makes it easy for teachers to reach each student at their own individual level—without having to spend extra time preparing many different lessons every day.

Get Freckle

2. High School Musical 3 and Peergrade

Ah, the joys of high school…and musicals! Watch how these teens help each other out in this classic Disney movie.


Peergrade is an online platform that makes anonymous peer feedback easy. Peer feedback helps students engage in self-reflection, critical thinking and gives them a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Get Peergrade

3. Out of Many, One and Newsela

This is a brand new Netflix original and we have to admit, it’s probably more worthy of your time than The Christmas Wedding Planner or The Princess Switch. This documentary dives into the complicated process of what it takes to become a US citizen–a truly important topic in today’s America.


Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that brings together engaging, accessible content with integrated assessments and insights to supercharge reading engagement and learning in every subject. And they have a lot of great content about today’s news!

Get Newsela

4. The Imitation Game and

The Imitation Game

You probably think this movie is about WWII. And you would be right. But it’s ALSO about the invention of coding! Sort of. Watch how really brave, smart people used code to fight the Nazis. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch.’s progression of Computer Science Fundamentals courses for elementary grades blend online and “unplugged” non-­computer activities to teach computational thinking, problem-solving, programming concepts, and digital citizenship.


5. Magnus and ChessKid


Is anything more intriguing than a child chess prodigy? We think not. Especially because the subject of this documentary, Magnus, has visited the Clever office and can often be seen sporting a Clever t-shirt.


ChessKid is the world’s #1 platform for parents, coaches and kids to safely learn and play Chess online.

Get ChessKid

6. The Theory of Everything and Happy Numbers

The Theory of Everything

While we’re on the subject of geniuses, this award-winning movie is about the life of Stephen Hawking. Watch and be inspired to teach some hardcore math to the next generation of superstars.

Happy Numbers

While you teach small groups, Happy Numbers serves as an independent math station, providing individualized instruction for the rest of the class.

Get Happy Numbers

7. Jeopardy and Quizizz


The classic (and some say best) game show has finally made it to Netflix! There’s no better time to brush up on seemingly random knowledge that you can then use to impress your coworkers and students with in the lunchroom.


Choose from millions of teacher-created quizzes covering every subject or create your own. Different game modes let students engage in class together and at home on their own schedules.

Get Quizizz

8. Populaire and 

According to IMDB, Populaire tells the story of Rose- who is a terrible secretary but a demon typist. Her handsome boss resolves to turn her into the fastest girl in the world. Wow, if this doesn’t make you want to try a typing app, I don’t know what will. understands that, In the 21st century, typing is how communication happens. It is the core skill for interacting effectively with a computer, making it number one communication skill in the digital world.


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